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70cl, 46% vol

In each White Dog Spirit box you will find:

  • 70cl of White Dog Spirit in its unique ‘custom ageing bottle’
  • A selection of five American Oak staves including:
  • Three ‘alcohol’ soaked staves
  • A light-charred stave
  • A heavy-charred stave
  • A maturation log

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Created in a moment of genius, White Dog Spirit is a new fully immersive experience in the world of spirits whisky. White Dog Spirit is an opportunity to custom-age your own uniquely tasting bottle of spirit and go on a journey of pleasure and patience where the rewards are most definitely worth the wait. White Dog Spirit draws on the historic tradition of ageing single malt whisky but spins it on its head – with each box its very own spirit and wood. With a choice of five flavour-rich American oak wooden staves with every bottle of White Dog Spirit, the ‘straight from the still’ spirit undergoes a magical change in taste, smell and appearance – known only to its creator. White Dog Spirit is an exciting new addition to not just the whisky world, but to the entire spirits industry. It’s time to discover why White Dog Spirit is the most fun you can have with five pieces of oak and a bottle!

Custom ageing your White Dog is as much about the experience as it is the final product. It really is a taste and visual discovery as the spirit changes colour and flavour over such a short period of time. We are sure you will find the experience amazing.

Step 1 – Sample 50ml of the White Dog Spirit – make a note of your first impressions of the spirit.

Step 2 – Choose a stave. You can add more than one stave to add a blend cask effect. Record the date of putting the stave into the liquid.

Step 3 – Month by month notes the changes in colour and taste in the spirit. We suggest taking a photo with a white background of the bottle to keep a visual record of the colour change too.

Step 4 – After three months your spirit is in affect similar to three years in a cask and ready to drink…or you can continue to age it and produce a more complex flavour. The choice is yours.

The combination of staves, when you place them into the spirit and how long they stay in liquid, will influence the colour, flavour and complexity of your finished dram.