Hello Whisky Lover.

So you’ve been invited to become a founder?

As a huge thank you for supporting us in our first years as a whisky producer we want to offer the first 100 places at a reduced amount of £500.00, this is open to the Discord group and Richard Fosters, Exploring English Whisky Members, that have supported us since we first started, This offer will be open until the launch to the public on the 18th of November at the English Whisky Festival, so you have until midnight on the 17th to take up the offer of reduced membership.


Become a Founding Member, Own a Piece of Distilling History.

As a member of the Founders’ Club, you will receive the following benefits:

  • One Bottle drawn from of very first casks as a Spring bottling.
  • One bottling a year over 5 years.
  • 700ml bottle.
  • Accompanied by a 50ml sample for tasting.
  • Founders certificate membership card.
  • 10% off online purchases and Spirit Lab experiences
  • Golden Ticket – opportunity to be part of a draw to win a bottle presented within a Miniature cask case, made from the cask that matured the Rye Whisky. This beautiful piece also includes a gold stopper worth £20000.
  • The next 18 winners will receive a cask box with a silver bottle stop, worth £1200
  • A place in the distillery – a brick in the wall of the distillery with your name on it
  • Priority notice of future releases and purchase opportunities with queue jump!

Don’t miss this chance to be a part of something special and own a piece of history. Join the Mercia Whisky Founders’ Club today!

Mercia Whisky is an ambitious English whisky company that embodies the Anglo-Saxon heritage. Their brand is bold, brazen, and expresses the warrior spirit. Located in Staffordshire, they are on a journey to create the UK’s finest rye whisky with a single Malt with the same great flavour. We now have over 8,000 litres produced, the fundraiser is going well, and two sites have been selected as our new home.

Buy your Founders Membership online today and take advantage of this exclusive limited time offer.



Limited time offer: For Exploring English whisky members only - Get £250 off your membership fee, before November 17th!








You will be sent an invoice with member ship number, once the first 100 have been purchased you will receive your membership pack in the post including membership card and 50ml sample of the New make rye and single malt.

Mercia Whisky Company Limited, The Old Science Lab, Bishton Hall, Bishton, Bellamour Lane,
Staffordshire, ST17 0XN.Telephone 01889529291 AWRs URN: XSAW00000118836 Company: 12920133