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As whisky matures and develops its complex and satisfying flavours, some of the liquid disappears, seemingly mysteriously, but in reality, through evaporation. Distillers romantically call the missing whisky ‘the angels’ share’.

Jeremy ‘Jez’ Roney and Paul ‘Oz’ Horrocks are interested in angels’ shares of a more tangible nature. With a passion for bourbon, the American rye whiskey, they are on a journey to create their own English version and they are offering a unique investment opportunity.

Under the banner of Mercia Whisky, located at Bishton Hall in Rugeley, Staffordshire, Jez and Oz have already launched the limited edition Mercia Rye, which they say embodies the Anglo Saxon spirit and builds on the growing English interest in rye whisky. Now they are forging plans to build their own distillery, expected to be operational by 2023.

What’s the deal?

Creating a whisky is a love affair, and you must be in it for the long term to make it work. That’s why Jez and Oz have worked out a winning partnership. You have the opportunity to buy one or more 50l casks of whisky which are held in bond as they mature. In three years’ time, when the whisky is ready for bottling, Mercia buy it back from you at 8% p.a. compound interest. This means you have a Great ROI and you are on the launch team of a fine and rare English whisky. Your funds will help the whisky entrepreneurs build a new distillery at a site within the Midlands. And, in addition to your return on investment, you will be presented with your own bottle of the new whisky.

Share in Mercia Whisky’s success

Ready to be an angel and take your share in this exciting venture? You can pick up with Jez and Oz at the Mercia Spirit Lab in Rugeley. Drop Jez an email on or call 01889 52 92 91 and they’ll be happy to meet up and show you their plans. Make a day of it and book onto a Whisky or Gin Tasting Experience, which are open to everyone. It’s a divine opportunity!

50 Litre Cask Investment with Return on Investment of a projected 8%PA

Mercia Whisky Co are setting aside a very limited 150 casks of their new make Rye spirit for this rare opportunity for investment.

This liquid will be released to market as a 3-year-old matured bottled Rye Whisky. The investment offer is an opportunity to invest in an asset with a fixed ROI based on the following suggestion: Investment in a single, or number of quarter casks (50L) of Mercia Rye Whisky at £1,500 per unit.

You could make £389.57 after 3 years for one 50 litre cask.

50 Litre Cask Investment

Why quarter casks?

As quarter casks have a significantly higher ratio of wood-to-liquid than most standard casks, they tend to accelerate the maturation process. Using various seasoning types within the barrels enables the fast maturation of a complex and interesting spirit, with focus being put on the marriage of casks prior to bottling to create the best
representation of the spirit within the casks.

Why do we do this?

Through private investment in whisky, both parties benefit from the industry’s greatest problem, the large working capital requirement of financing maturing stock. This enables cash flow for the distillery for production and profits to be made by both parties upon sale.

Whisky Investment Offer

Invest in our whisky now and help us grow our brand, at the end of the maturation period 3 years 1 day, you can choose to keep the whisky or we can offer you a very attractive buyback on the Whisky, we will add it to our first release in 2025/26. 

Based on the above suggestion, the following financial breakdown details the return after 3 years:

 Single Cask 5 casks10 casks
Cask 'Investment'£1,500 £7,500£15,000
Compound Interest£389.57£1947.84 £3895.68
ROI£1,889.57 £9,447.84 £18,895.68
*We cannot guarantee if e.g. there were a fire and the insurers anticipated a lower value. All things equal we would anticipate a return on investment of 8%.

Paying for your Whisky

You can choose to pay up front, or if you prefer, you can set up a direct debit to pay over 15 months. Payment up front or receipt of payment of the first INSTALLMENT secures:

Payment upfront or receipt of payment of the first instalment secures:

  • A cask number and distillation slot, plus space in our cask store where your cask will be stored, and your whisky will mature for the storage period.
  • 50 litres of new make spirit from our next available distillation – this will be at 56%
    ABV but there may be some variation depending on distillation and conditions in the
  • Storage of your whisky, in its cask, under Mercia Drinks Co. bond for 3 years and a day.
  • Insurance to the value of the whisky cover your whisky for the period it is in storage with us.

Your payment does not include:

  • Ownership of the cask itself – this remains property of the distillery

Cask buyback

At the end of the period of maturation which is determined by ourselves, we pay you your original payment plus any interest owed, interest is calculated on a full 12-month basis, if you wish to reinvest we will pay you your accrued interest only and you will enter into a new cask investment with Mercia Whisky company ltd.

Speak to us

We’re happy to discuss the ins and outs before you invest in our rye whisky. Just give us a call (01889529291) or send us an email We’ll chat through the process with you.

Our key focus is not only ensuring good returns to investors, but also the quality of the liquid we are maturing. When we assess the liquid in the third year, we advise that it is ready, we take it to bottle.

If an investor would like additional years, we can roll your initial investment onto newly
distilled casks and offer the same terms for a second maturation. Our 3-year-old releases will be exclusively reserved for this investment programme.

Why invest?

  • Whisky is a continuously growing investment sector.
  • The Mercia whisky opportunity is being developed as the market sees renewed interest in rye whisky.
  • Insured asset for the replacement cost of the liquid.
  • Fixed and guaranteed return based on us taking the liquid to bottle.
  • Returns available after a 3-year maturation time.
  • No limit to number of casks available to a single investor.
    Maturing whisky is exceptionally unusual in being a physical product in which you can invest without paying VAT.
  • Rolling investment option to ensure longer term returns.

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