Well, we Started our business Mercia Whisky today, the 1st of October 2020, our Whisky Journey has officially started !!!

The Plan is to create a drinks company that would provide an Aged Range of deep flavoured whisky’s, a fantastic aged mead and mead spirit, an English single Malt, an English straight Rye with some unique Finishes and also an English Bourbon. 

11 years ago a  Meeting of two men in a field at Knebworth, sharing a whisky after the mosh pit, we are standing at the start of producing our own spirits.

We are going to start with Rye Whisky and take it from there, a lot to do and Covid is hitting our ability to travel hard, but Oz and I are buying every make and bottle of rye,  in a tasting frenzy to see what the competition is doing.

Our favourites are clear and we know what we like, a malted rye with a sweet finish. watch this space for our next post from Mercia Whisky!

Jez Roney

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